Dyspareunia & Vaginal Dryness

Dyspareunia can have many causes including thinning of the vaginal wall, vaginal dryness and loss of lubrication.  Women experiencing vaginal atrophy symptoms may have impaired nutrient supply to the epithelium cause it become thinner.  The MonaLisa Touch stimulates improvements in vaginal wall thickness, vaginal mucosa, vascular structures that can improve dyspareunia.

Reduced vaginal secretion is often associated with dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse).  Vaginal lubrication is determined by the presence of fluid generated by the combination of secretions from different structures of the genital apparatus. The main component is vaginal transudate which results from the slow blood outflow through the capillaries that supply blood to the vaginal epithelium.  During sexual arousal, the blood flow into the vagina rapidly increases.  MonaLisa Touch can promote improved vascularisation of the vagina which can assist in the improvement of a range of symptoms.

Research on MonaLisa Touch showed women who were treated with MonaLisa Touch reported improvements in psychological and physical quality of life and significantly more women were sexually active following treatment than prior to treatment.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment