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This is a 4-unit e-learning foundation package to stand alone as a speciality subject for a Laser User or a Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO). The core has been created by Dr Godfrey Town, an internationally recognised laser and IPL expert.  This Core of Knowledge Course is approved by the British Medical Laser Association in UK and recognised nationally in Australia.

As either a Laser User (operator of a laser or intense light source) or a Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) (responsible for day to day supervision of a laser facility), you will learn about:

  • Laser and intense light generation and characteristics
  • Hazards and risks from lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) beams
  • Tissue interaction by laser and intense light source radiation
  • Relevant legislation and safety standards

NB. You must complete the Laser User Level 4 course before attempting the Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) course. Both diplomas use the same student resource course material and presentation but the assessment for the Laser Safety Supervisor assessment is longer and more challenging.

Total presentation time (excluding assessments): 2 hours, Typical completion time (including prior reading and assessments): 2 days