The Synchro Replay features a 20mm Alexandrite & 20mm Nd:YAG for fast, high-quality hair reduction & treatment of vascular or pigmented lesions. The fastest laser because it works a repetition rate of up to 3 Hz, while the standard is still 2 Hz!  It reaches 125 W, at least 25% more than any other laser in the market! In addition the Alexandrite laser source can deliver energetic pulses with pulse length under 2 ms, down to 0.2 ms which gives the RePlay a significant advantage for skin rejuvenation and pigmented lesions treatments.

The Synchro Replay Excellium bypasses the need for costly cooling consumables with a contact pre-cooling system built into every handpiece and the option of combining it with an external air cooling system.  These cooling systems increase comfort for the patient and eliminate the need for cryogen spray, thus reducing running costs and avoiding the risk of cryogen burns.

An optional IPL can be added which allows a wider range of treatments to be offered with a single system.

Additional Information On The Synchro Replay Alexandrite and Nd:YAG Laser

The Replay Excellium features a top-hat laser beam profile that eliminates ‘hotspots’ in the treatment area.  With traditional lasers for hair removal a hotspot is formed in the centre of the treatment area with less energy towards the edges. The top-hat beam profile creates even energy distribution over the entire spot meaning more comfortable and predictable treatment results.

The system also offers customisable pulse length and multi-pulse options to allow treatments to be more accurately tailored to different hair and skin types.  This offers an advantage over some competing laser hair removal systems that have fixed pulse lengths.  In addition to hair removal on all skin-types the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths provide the ability to deliver high-quality vascular and pigmentation treatments.

The Synchro Replay Excellium is ideal for experienced laser clinics or for IPL users looking to make the step up to laser treatments.  It combines Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser sources in a single platform, and provides the option of adding the respected Minisilk FT pulsed light source (IPL) to the system. With 5-filters for greater selectivity on a variety of skin types the pulsed-light source enhances the Replay Excellium as a complete light-based treatment workstation capable of delivering a comprehensive range of high-quality aesthetic treatments.