Treating Pigmentation With Laser And Light

Treating pigmentation using light and laser can either be performed by light wavelengths that target melanin in the skin or by skin resurfacing lasers such as the DOT Therapy Fractional laser.  Laser wavelengths that target pigmentation in the skin may utilise Q-switching which modifies the Q-factor of the laser to produce a short but powerful laser pulse.

Laser wavelengths that effectively target pigmentation often emit in the yellow and green light spectrum.  Examples of laser wavelengths that target pigmentation include Alexandrite and 532nm (frequency doubled Nd:YAG).

Fractional CO2 Laser For Pigmentation

Alexandrite Laser For Pigmentation

Q-Switched 532nm For Pigmentation

Intense Pulsed Light For Pigmentation


Intense Pulsed Light For Pigmentation