Harnessing And Enhancing The Body’s Healing Mechanisms

Emcyte Platinum Centrifuge

Platelet Rich Plasma | Bone Marrow 

  • Achieves Purer Product With Higher PRP Concentrations
  • Process PRP & Treat Patients In A Single Appointment
  • Tailor White Blood Cell Levels To Targeted Treatment Outcomes
  • Fast Process
  • Less Cell Damage
  • Bone Marrow Concentrate

EmCyte LogoThe EmCyte Difference

Easy To Use With Fast Processing Times

Treatment protocols have been designed to produce high-quality outcomes while making the process easy for your clinic staff to perform in a convenient time-frame.

Produces Better Quality Sample

EmCyte achieves the purest samples of any PRP system with the lowest levels of red blood cells.

Ability To Tailor The Sample To Treatment Needs

Different treatment outcomes require different levels of Leukocytes in the sample. EmCyte can tailor the levels of Leukocytes while maintaining high levels of monocytes.

Produce Concentrations Capable Of Achieving Therapeutic Efficacy

Achieving treatment efficacy requires optimal concentrations of PRP. EmCyte goes beyond first-generation PRP systems to provide the capability to deliver concentrations of up to 9 times baseline if required. The flexibility of the system allows the sample to be easily tailored to the concentration required for effective treatment.

Single System Allows For Multiple Functions

EmCyte can perform both PRP and bone marrow processing.

Innovative Design Achieves Higher Quality Product



Achieves The Highest Yields Of Any PRP Concentration System

  • platelet recoveries of over 80% – far higher than earlier generation PRP systems.

Tailor Neutrophil Granulocyte Levels To The Indication You Are Treating

  • achieves better separation of blood constituents
  • choose to include or exclude neutrophils depending on the treatment
  • greatly enhances monocyte concentrations (up to 7 times baseline)

Intelligent Processing Technique Allows For Faster Processing And Treatment

  • protocols allow for collection, processing and treatment within a standard 20-30 minute appointment
  • improved processing safety for user and patient
  • eliminates the need for multiple appointments and travel time
  • schedule appointments with greater confidence and optimise clinic time and resources.


The Technology That Delivers Improved Performance – ClearVUE Conical Piston

  • greatly improves the collection of the cell concentrate buffycoat layer
  • deep conical design enables perfect extraction of the cell concentrate buffycoat with minimal red cell integration, providing quality platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate with optimal collection yields
  • features enhanced handling of the concentrating device with frictionless motion and a CLEAR VIEW of the buffycoat during aspiration.


PURE BMC®Pure-BMC-logo-blue

Produce Bone Marrow More Consistently And Effectively

  • processes BMC in a system that remains closed and sterile
  • proven to concentrate viable platelets, hematopoietic stem cells (HSC), total nucleated cells (TNC) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)
  • can be prepared with or without Heparin

Higher HSC Concentrations

  • Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are the blood cells that have the ability to replenish all blood cell types (Multipotency) and the ability to self-renew

Higher MSC Concentrations

  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types

Higher TNC Concentrations

  • Total nucleated cell count by any method is a count of cells with nuclei. In order to properly represent the TNC cell count a correction calculation that removes nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs) is performed. It is understood, as in other therapies, that more cells = better outcomes.

High Cell Concentrates With Low Concentrations Of Red Blood Cells

  • Hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+), total nucleated cell (TNC), mesenchymal stem cell (CFU-F) and platelet isolation is perfected. PureBMC® (2015) is designed to retain high concentrations of these multiple cell concentrates with the lowest concentrations of red blood cells in a bone marrow concentrate product.

Pure PRP® Protocols Tailored To Your Patient’s Needs

Protocol A – Low-Inflammatory PRP

  • High Platelet Count
  • Low Granulocyte
  • Low Viscosity
  • Less Than 1% HCT

The Low Inflammatory PRP Protocol processes Pure PRP® without red blood cells or neutrophil granulocytes. This protocol is used when powerful healing without inflammatory activity is required at the application site. This protocol is also the low viscosity solution to a viable PRP product, providing very high concentrations of platelets in a bath of non-viscous plasma. This protocol has also been reported to reduce the potential for pain at the application site. It is the most frequently used protocol.

Protocol B – PRP With Increased Cytokines

  • Higher Platelet Count
  • High Neutrophil Granulocytes
  • Moderate Viscosity
  • HCT Less than 20%

This protocol processes Pure PRP® with low red blood cell counts and very high cytokine activity and neutrophil cell recoveries. This protocol is used when the phagocytic powers of neutrophils are needed to help fight infectious processes. This protocol produces the highest chemoattractant activity and significantly increases regeneration potential. Once the neutrophils have completed phagocytosis, they become apoptic cells and are subsequently removed, thereby also eliminating the inflammatory activity.