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Improving Fat Transfer Success and Delivering 70-90% Fat Retention

Adip’sculpt is an innovative fat transfer system that contains all elements required to harvest, process and reinject intact fat lobules with the highest likelihood of sucessful retention.   The kits are completely sterile and are tailored to specific treatments and body areas.

Evidence-Based Fat Transfer That Delivers Enhanced Fat Retention

Every step of the Adip’sculpt procedure has been thoroughly researched.  Adip’sculpt was developed when French scientists, Dr Franck Festy and Dr Regis Roche, were conducting research on diabetes and approached a plastic surgeon to obtain discarded fat cells from liposuction to use in their studies. During their conversations the topic of fat transfer was discussed, including the issue of low fat retention rates of only 30-50%. The plastic surgeon asked Dr Festy and Dr Roche for their ideas on how to improve the success of fat transfer. 

Over the course of more than 10 years, Dr Festy and Dr Roche researched every aspect of the fat-transfer process from harvesting, processing through to re-injection. The end result was the development of Adip’sculpt equipment and procedures, which now deliver improved rates of successful fat retention in the range of 70-90%.

Fat Transfer Kits Tailored To Specific Body Areas and Treatment Outcomes

Adipsculpt Microfill

Tailored for smaller areas such as facial rejuvenation or scar reduction

Adipsculpt Macrofill

Tailored for higher volume procedures such as breast and butt augmentation

Adipsculpt Macrofill Medium

Tailored for minor body procedures